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11:00 AM Feb 22, 2017
3rd Floor Art Gallery

USAO Innovations 2017

High school art competition sponsored by the USAO Art Department.

Important Dates:

(All day) Apr 06, 2017

USAO's annual Montmartre, a judged sidewalk chalk art festival, is held each year in conjunction with the USAO Scholastic Meet and Droverstock Music Festival on the first Thursday of April. Together, the events make up the Spring Triad.

(All day) Apr 06, 2017

The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma will host the 37th Annual USAO Scholastic Meet. The USAO Scholastic Meet is part of the University’s Spring Triad and is held in conjunction with the Montmartre Chalk Art Festival and the Droverstock music festival. The Scholastic Meet Contests cover material from typical school courses including business, language and literature, mathematics, science, social science, music, art and theatre.