Non Degree-Seeking Students


Students who wish to enroll in courses without intending to pursue a degree may enroll in up to 9 credit hours without submitting academic credentials or meeting the curricular or performance requirements of Science & Arts. However, minimum requirements must be met to enroll in college level courses: a 19 ACT in English to take an English class, 19 ACT in math to take a math class, 19 in science to take a science class or 19 ACT in reading to take any other college level course. If not met by ACT scores, the student may participate in Science & Arts Assessment exams to place into college level math, English, or science. Retention standards will be enforced. Should a student wish to enroll in more than the 9 permitted hours, he or she must be formally admitted to Science & Arts. The student will then be required to meet Science and Arts formal admission or transfer criteria.

Please note: Special non degree-seeking students are not eligible for any financial aid.