It Takes A College

It Takes a College

Celebrating Us

Greetings and welcome to the It Takes a College blog. The It Takes a College initiative was born out of the belief that there is no group better equipped or motivated to share our story with the public than the people who have experienced the transformative power of a USAO education first hand.

USAO Statement of Core Belief

Pursuing a liberal arts education demands that one approach every situation with an open mind, ready to consider multiple perspectives. There are, however, core values that we must never abandon in the pursuit of cooperation. USAO, as an institution, embraces a core belief about the power of liberal arts education.

It Takes a Family: Alicia and Elizabeth Working

Prospective students typically choose their college based on any number of reasons — the quality of the education, affordability and value, student life and location.

But students who choose the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma most often do so because of people.

Talking Points: Understanding the Core


USAO’s Interdisciplinary Studies program maintains a 50 year tradition of integrating knowledge from multiple disciplines and is required of all students who begin their college work at USAO.

It Takes a Family: The Bennetts

There are few transitions more agonizing than that of one’s children leaving home and entering the wider world. For many families, college is a way to ease that transition.

10 Talking Points About USAO

Every potential advocate for USAO has a unique perspective from which he or she has experienced the university. A student who graduates to become an alum only to come back to work for the university in some capacity may have three different understandings of the university that must be reconciled in order to share a coherent picture with someone else.

Talking Points: What in the World is a Broad Education?


As Oklahoma’s only public liberal arts university, USAO provides students a broad educational experience, grounded in the sciences and humanities, that reinforces communication, critical thinking and problem solving.

Resources: Lost Treasure Video

Last year, USAO staff, faculty and students collaborated to create a movie-trailer style video that highlights some of the many features that makes our university unique within the Oklahoma Higher Education system. Now, you can view and share this on your social networks or with individuals you believe might benefit from learning about USAO.

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