Summer History Camp

Summer History Camp

(All day) Jun

24 to 25
, 2014 | Campuswide


One of America's most celebrated Civil War historians, Dr. Joseph Glatthaar is coming to Oklahoma to deliver the keynote address for the USAO Summer History Symposium at 7:30 p.m. on June 24. Twenty Oklahoma high school students will have the opportunity to attend the symposium as special guests of the university with a scholarship that covers an overnight stay on campus and food to keep those hungry minds in high gear!

During their two days on campus, scholarship recipients will attend special presentations from USAO faculty, the keynote address AND an exclusive breakfast with Dr. Glatthaar where the floor will be open to questions and discussion. Interested students are encouraged to apply for the Summer History Scholarship by registering through the above link.

Don't let this opportunity to learn from one of America's preeminent Civil War scholars pass you by! Apply today!


Dr. James Finck... is a an assistant professor of history and teaches the American History courses at USAO, but his specialty is the Civil War and Political History.

Finck has authored several publications and papers. Among his publications are Divided Loyalties: Kentucky's Struggle with Armed Neutrality During the Civil War, Chickasha (Images of America) and "The Unwaged War: the 1857 War Against the Mormons".

He is a member of the Society of Civil War Historians, Phi Alpha Theta and The Souther Historical Association.

Dr. Finck will present on the Election of 1860.

Dr. Kevin Crow... is an associate professor of history and teaches a wide variety of courses at USAO including World Thought and Culture for the Interdisciplinary Studies Program.

In recognition of his excellence in teaching, he was awarded the Regents Award for Superior Teaching in 2008 and again in 2010.

Dr. Crow will present on the European influence on the Civil War.




Dr. Brenda Brown... is a professor of English. Her areas of specialty include Modern and Postmodern American Literature and Composition &

Rhetoric. She has received the USAO Regents Award for Superior Research, and she has been the recipient of numerous Gladys Emerson Anderson Research Awards.

Dr. Brown will present on the literature of the Civil War.