Graduate School Exam Scholarship

The Graduate School Assistance Scholarship (GSAS) assists Science & Arts students looking to take the next step in their education. The scholarship covers the cost of any graduate school exam, or the cost of a portfolio submission as required for their program application.

Why it’s important:

These tests are expensive. One test can cost anywhere between $180 and $415. The graduate exams most often taken by Science & Arts students are the GRE ($205) and the MCAT ($310). Graduate programs in the fine arts often do not require an exam, but rather a portfolio of work. Submitting these portfolios has a price tag attached, and often ranges from $60-$180 dollars. We seek to support our art students like any other, so the cost of a portfolio submission falls under the umbrella of the scholarship as well.  

Students must balance preparing for these rigorous exams while continuing with their regular coursework, extracurricular activities, and hours spent at work. It’s challenging, so the goal of this scholarship is to remove one of these burdens—paying for the exam—so that the ambitious Science & Arts student is free to focus on perfecting their graduate program application.

How it’s funded:

This scholarship is funded by 100 percent by donations. Currently, there is enough money to accommodate a sizable number of students, but after it’s used—that’s it. The project has been incorporated into the university’s annual Day of Giving, but needs a group of dedicated individuals ready and willing to write emails and spread the word seeking donations to maintain the program.

How to apply:

The scholarship is meant to be easy to apply for and as accessible as possible, while at the same time appealing only to those who genuinely seek to attend graduate school. Since it’s financially restrictive, those who meet these requirements are considered equal. The committee will begin awarding the scholarship to all applicants, but start with those who exhibit the most financial need (as identified through the Financial Aid office) and work their way through the applicants until either funds run out, or all applicants have been awarded.


  • Complete the application form
  • Faculty recommendation, in the form of a signature on the application form
  • 3.2 GPA
  • Does not qualify for the fee waivers offered by the testing service

Questions and Contact:

If there are any questions, please contact Dr. Jennifer Long at 405-574-1217, or email