Undergraduate Research

As a mainstay of our interdisciplinary mission, USAO promotes the work of our emerging scholars as they prepare to embark on a life of continuous learning and personal development, whether through graduate school or a career of their choosing. In support of undergraduate scholarship, we offer numerous chances for our students to engage in research projects, publish original work, and attend academic conferences in a broad range of disciplines.

Among the unique opportunities available at USAO are: The Drover Review, which showcases a wide variety of essayistic writing; The Accent, an annual compendium of art, fiction, poetry, and drama; The Trend, our student-run online newspaper; and the Mentored Research Program, a yearlong sequence of courses guiding students through all phases of a chosen project as they work one-on-one with a faculty supervisor to identify research methods, gather data, compose a professional paper, and present their work for peer review. This list is by no means comprehensive and we are always looking for new ways to help our students grow as scholars.


Mentored Research Program

Student Showcase

The Drover Review

The Accent