Syllabus Addendum

Syllabus Addendum - Spring 2023

This addendum is provided as a resource to Science & Arts students. This information supplements course syllabi and institutional policies, it does not replace them. It is the student's responsibility to understand course requirements and abide by University policies while enrolled at Science & Arts.


Main Campus - 15-Week Spring Term 2023

January Mon, 2 - New Year's Day Holiday | offices closed
Thurs, 12 - First Day of Classes
Fri, 13 - Fees for Late Registration Begin
Mon, 16 - Martin Luther King Day, no classes/offices closed 
Fri, 20 - Last Day to Add a Course
Wed, 25 - Last Day to Drop a Course
Thurs, 26 - Teacher Education Oral English Screening 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
March Thurs, 2 - Teacher Education Oral English Screening 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Mon, 6 - Midterm Grade Reports Due
Fri, 10 - Last Day to Apply for Graduation
Fri, 10 - Last Day to Withdraw with an Automatic 'W'
Mon, 13-Fri, 17 - Spring Break, no classes | offices closed March 16-17
Mon, 20 - Summer and Fall Enrollment Opens for Seniors and Juniors
Wed, 22 - Summer and Fall Enrollment Opens for Sophomores and Freshmen
Fri, 31 - Last Day to Withdraw from a Course with a 'W' or 'F'
April Thurs, 6 - Spring Triad
Fri, 21 - Last Day of Classes
Mon, 24 - Study Day - no exams
Tues, 25-Fri, 28 - Final Exams
Sat, 29 - Commencement
May Mon, 1 - Grades Due


Online Campus - First 7-Week Spring Term 2023

January Mon, 16 - First Day of Classes
Wed, 18 - Enrollment Closes - Last Day to Add a Course
Fri, 20 - Last Day to Drop a Course
February Mon, 6 - Midterm Grades Due
Fri, 17 - Last Day to Withdraw with an Automatic 'W'
Fri, 24 - Last Day to Withdraw from a Course with a 'W' or 'F'

Sun, 5 - Last Day of Classes
Wed, 8 - Grades Due

Online Campus - Second 7-Week Spring Term 2023


Mon, 6 - First Day of Classes
Wed, 8 - Enrollment Closes - Last Day to Add a Course
Fri, 10 - Last Day to Drop a Course
Fri, 10 - Last Day to Apply for Graduation
Mon, 20 - Summer and Fall Enrollment Opens
Mon, 27 - Midterm Grades Due

Fri, 7 - Last Day to Withdraw with an Automatic 'W'
Fri, 14 - Last Day to Withdraw from a Course with a 'W' or 'F'
Sun, 23 - Last Day of Classes
Sat, 29 - Commencement 
May Mon, 1 - Grades Due

Final exam schedule

For more information on enrollment, adding, dropping, and withdrawing, see the Science & Arts course catalog. You can also contact your advisor, the Office of the Registrar, and the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Financial Aid Policies and Procedures


New Year's Day Holiday: January 2 - offices closed

Martin Luther King Day: January 16 - no classes/offices closed

Spring Break: March 13 - March 17 - no classes, offices closed March 16-17


Drover Alert is Science & Arts' emergency notification system. Alerts are issued upon unplanned campus closures for weather related emergencies or confirmation of a serious threat or dangerous situation which threatens the safety of Science & Arts students, faculty or staff. Drover Alerts may only be withheld if these alerts would compromise efforts to contain the emergency.

Review or update your emergency notification contact information.


Academic dishonesty in any form (plagiarism, fabrication, cheating, forgery, or any other) is a violation of the Academic Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated. For more on the Academic Code of Conduct please see the Science & Arts student handbook.


The Student Success Center (SSC) is located on the top floor of Nash Library in room 305. The SSC exists to assist and support all Science & Arts students. In addition to designated class tutors for some classes, there are free tutoring services, weekly study groups, and academic mentoring.


Students are responsible for attending the classes for which they have registered. Students are responsible for reading assignments, meeting deadlines, understanding course requirements, and monitoring their progress. Faculty are available during office hours and by appointment to assist; tutoring and counseling services are available, but it is the responsibility of the student to seek assistance. No specific number of free absences is authorized. Instructors have the authority to determine the validity of student explanations given for absences. Students late for class should see the instructor at the end of the class period. Irregular attendance and habitual tardiness may seriously affect the course grade. When students representing the university must be absent during the school day, they should discuss (in advance) the proposed absences with their instructors and make the necessary arrangements for any work that will be missed.


Science & Arts uses Canvas as its learning management system. Instructors may use Canvas for their courses in a variety of different ways. Be sure to check Canvas daily for all of your courses. Access Canvas using your OneLogin account. Click the Help button in Canvas for 24-hour assistance. or


Science & Arts faculty and staff want you to succeed. Faculty have office hours every week to assist students. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us


The life of a Science & Arts student is not always easy. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed with academic, career, relationship, family, and other concerns. If you are feeling confused, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or not even sure how you feel, you are not alone. We want to help you. The Science & Arts Counseling Office is staffed by licensed mental health professionals who provide individual counseling for personal, social, family and academic concerns. Their goal is to provide services and activities that promote the development of healthy lifestyles and the acquisition of problem-solving and decision-making skills. Please contact us.


Disability Services assists Science & Arts students with disabilities by ensuring that qualified students with disabilities receive reasonable and appropriate accommodations and services. Science & Arts is committed to providing equal opportunities for higher education to academically qualified individuals who are disabled. Disability Services staff will serve as a liaison in arranging reasonable accommodations. Students with disabilities are encouraged to notify and collaborate with Disability Services to identify, establish the need for, and obtain accommodations. If you have a learning disability, psychiatric disability, or physical disability and need accommodations, or have questions about whether you qualify, please contact Disability Services to make an appointment.

The University has a continuing commitment to providing reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Like so many things this Fall, the need for accommodations and the process for arranging them may be altered by the COVID-19 changes we are experiencing and the safety protocols currently in place. Students with disabilities who may need some accommodation in order to fully participate in this class are urged to contact Disability Services, as soon as possible, to explore what arrangements need to be made to assure access. During the Fall, 2020 semester, the Disability Services Office can be reached by email at


Some classrooms are equipped to record classes. Lecture capture video (via the lecture capture system Panopto) may be made available to students registered for the class through Canvas. The use of lecture capture is intended to supplement, not replace, the classroom experience. Duplication or redistribution of lecture capture recordings is prohibited without appropriate consent. Furthermore, lecture capture recordings are for personal educational use in that course and no other use. Any other use is prohibited without appropriate consent. Students can request at any time to have lecture capture turned off should the lecture or discussion involve sensitive topics. Students are strongly encouraged to contact the instructor if they have any concerns or questions about lecture capture.


Course materials provided by your instructor are protected by state common law and federal copyright law. As a student in the course you are authorized to utilize these resources for your own personal educational use and no other use. You are not authorized to distribute or copy any resources provided by your instructor or to make any commercial use of them without the instructor’s express permission.


Changes to the syllabus, procedures, assignments, and course may be made at the discretion of the instructor. The instructor will notify you of any significant changes.


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