Scholarships & Volunteer Opportunities

Scholarship Application

The University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma Alumni Association oversees more than 100 scholarships established by the generosity of alumni and friends. Students can receive scholarship awards ranging from $400 to $1,500 for an academic year. 

Application will open January 1, 2024.

Late applications will be subject to availability of funds.


Alumni Scholarship Program

The named scholarship program honors alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the college with a lasting legacy. More than 100 scholarships were established by the generosity of alumni and friends, providing support for USAO students from many different majors and backgrounds. USAO students can receive scholarship awards ranging from $400 to $1,500 for an academic year. Learn how you can leave a legacy for future students or support existing scholarships by contacting

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Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Giving back is nothing new to Drovers. From organized volunteer events that include both students and alumni like Drover Difference Day, or supporting student organizations like Droverthon and President’s Leadership Council in their service projects to serving burgers to students at enrollment events, there is always a need and a place for alumni to give back!

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Pathways Alumni Mentor Program

The Pathways Alumni Mentoring Program and the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma supports the principals of co-curricular learning by connecting students in their Sophomore year, with established alumni who serve as mentors and guides for professional career development. The program is facilitated through a partnership between the Student Success Center and Alumni Development at the University.


Recommend a Student

USAO has enrolled some of its most promising students with the help of alumni and friends. Among applications received each year, some of the strongest come from those who are already familiar with USAO and the type of education we provide. To this end, if you know a promising student who would excel on USAO’s campus, please complete the Recommend a Student form.