Athletics Brand Guidelines: Colors

Quick Guide: Color Reference

Drover Green

HEX: #395542
CMYK: 75.5, 45.27, 72.24, 37.79
Pantone: 7736 C

Historic Gold

HEX: #F5E1A4
CMYK: 3.54, 10.18, 41.16, 0
Pantone: 7401 C

When to Use

Pantone: Use for promotional items when requested.

CMYK: Use on printed documents.

HEX: Use for web and screens.


These color pairings represent good uses of the university’s colors. When selecting a color scheme, keep in mind the purpose of your document. If readability is key, then a high contrast scheme is needed. If the solution is more textural and artistic in nature, then lower contrast combinations can be appropriate.