USAO Brand Guidelines

The University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma Brand Guidelines were developed to create a shared visual brand identity that reflects the excellence of this great university.

Whether you are a faculty member, student, staff member or external partner, this website is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain consistency and build our visual identity across all university communications.

Elevating and protecting our brand is a shared responsibility; by adhering to these brand guidelines, we collectively strengthen our brand presence, enhance our reputation, and ensure a unified and compelling representation of our university.

Contact if you need additional assistance or print-quality resources.

The University of Science and Art of Oklahoma name overlaid on a dark green image of a historic buildingUsing the uNIVERSITY NAME
Circles in the green and gold official university colorsOfficial University Colors
Light green font example overlaid on a dark green historic buildingTypefaces  /  FOnts
Roman godess holding an owl and a spear, over a shield Official UNIVERSITY Logos
a university seal in front of a dark green buildingOfficial UNIVERSITY seal
Illustration of an envelope with a check mark in a circle on the bottom right cornerEmail Signature formatting
Examples of white letters with campus stationary styling applied to themPrinted items & Stationery
icons for facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube in front of a dark green buildingSocial Media resources
An illustration of a Drover riding a horse, with a lasso overheadATHLETICS BRANDING