Brand Guidelines: University Seal

University Seal

The official seal of USAO signifies the academic character, history and mission of the university. In order to maintain its integrity and effectiveness, the seal should not be used for relatively informal or routine materials, or for materials not directly related to academic purposes.

Use of the seal is reserved for approved signage; formal and official documents, such as diplomas, legal and official records, transcripts and programs for formal academic ceremonies, and policy manuals; and any other legal agreements binding the university.

The seal should not be used on merchandise, products or clothing without prior permission from the Marketing & Communications Department.

University SealMinerva, pictured at the center of our seal is a classic symbol of wisdom in many cultures; the owl on her helmet represents discerning judgement. Likewise, the snake represents wisdom or subtlety, or the capacity to choose. The face of Medusa on Minerva’s pendant represents the consequences of malevolence. Minvera’s spear and helmet are classic Roman symbols of war or a conquering spirit. In Greek mythology, she is known as Athena.

The seal can be used in either Drover Green, black, or white.

University Seal examples

Do not stretch. Do not rotate or turn. Do not use an unapproved color.

Incorrect seal examples