Brand Guidelines: Departmental Logos & Student Organization Guidelines


School and Department logos are a way of branding individual groups within the university. Any group, such as a department, office, school or program, is eligible to receive a department logo. The logo reflects the university brand while featuring the name of the unit in an easily recognized manner. All logos must be created by the Marketing & Communications Department. Department logos can replace the main university logo on printed and online materials; it is not necessary to use both.


Departmental Logo Examples


Student Organization Guidelines

Visual Identity

Registered student organizations at the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma fall outside the university’s visual identity and logo system and may create their own custom visual identity. Please note that custom logos cannot use elements from any official university marks and may not mimic the appearance or structure of official university logos. When organizations use official marks to show affiliation with USAO, university marks must be separate and distinct from the organizations’ logos.


Registered student organizations and other departmental student groups are allowed to include the official university logo, unit logos or department logos on materials when co-branding is needed and approval has been granted. When used, the university logos may not be altered, and all requirements must be met as prescribed by the guide. Please submit requests for co-branding to the Marketing & Communications Department.