Brand Guidelines: Signage

Campus Wayfinding


Campus entranceExtensions of the original gates are permitted to enhance visibility of the college entrance from the street. These extensions may change over the years but must never physically attach to the original gate structure. Repairs and reconstruction of gates should always maintain the historical integrity of the original structure.


  • Student Center SignExterior Directory signposts are intended for visitors to
    easily identify buildings on campus.
  • Signs are 24 inches wide, but the height will vary based
    on sign content, i.e., number of items listed in building directory.
  • Signs are 2-sided for easy reading by foot traffic on campus sidewalks.
  • Signs are cast aluminum with painted surface. [PMS 3308, and metallic gold].
  • Signs are hung from black coated cantilever poles.


Austin Hall signageThe black lettering used on campus buildings to identify them has remained consistent for more than 30 years and all future building labels should meet the same specifications:

Font: Condensed Futura / CAPS
Size: 12 inches tall
Finish: black paint 313
Mount: PM1 with .5-inch projection
Metal: aluminum cast


Historic Sign and flowersHistoric Sign in front of building

All historic sites on campus are to be marked in a way that is consistent with existing markers.


Crosswalk signAll street, traffic and designatory signage on campus property should be placed on black powder coated poles. Signs with ornamental die and seal should allow at least one quarter inch of clearance on all sides between the seal and the border. Most signs will be printed in one color PMS 3308. Red, blue and yellow may be used in standardized cases such as the stop sign, handicap parking and cross walk.


Alumni Chapel SignSigns for the purpose of directing traffic to a campus building or entrance can be produced from the same materials as regulatory street signs but should use the layout and color scheme of exterior directory signage. New directional signage can be produced to these specs by the Marketing & Communcations Department.

Size: 24” wide, variable length
Letters: Trajan Bold 2” tall
Color: Gold (Pantone 1245C),
              Lt. Beige (Pantone 1245C, 15%),
              Hunter Green (Pantone 3308C).